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Delta Airlines Suspends Flight Attendant for Sex Vid with Gay Porn Star Filmed in Bathroom

Friday Oct 19, 2018

Officials from Delta Airlines have suspended a flight attendant after a video surfaced online of him having sex with a gay porn star inside an airplane bathroom, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

The flight attendant, who has not been identified, faces being fired for the encounter.

According to the Daily Mail, bosses at Delta launched an investigation into the incident after videos of the encounter were posted online. The attendant in question was off duty at the time but was wearing his Delta uniform when he was with gay porn star Austin Wolf, who was a passenger on a flight.

The newspaper writes it is believe the two had the encounter mid-flight in the tiny bathroom and spent at least eight minutes together. Two different clips were shared on Twitter and the videos were eventually brought to the attention of Delta bosses and the flight attendant's colleagues. The Daily Mail writes that Wolf's "distinctive tattoos, including a heart with 'mom' written inside it and a tribal design etched across his stomach, are clearly visible in the clips, each four minutes and 18 seconds long."

EDGE has not seen the videos in question.

Sources told the Daily Mail that the flight attendant, who was recently hired by the airline and is in his 20s, told Delta officials he did not know the encounter was being recorded. He also said he didn't have anything to do with the clips being posted online.

"I just want to be left alone please," the flight attendant told the Daily Mail via a WhatsApp exchange. "I'm just trying to get my life back on track."

The Daily Mail reached out to Wolf, who has appeared in several gay porn films, but he refused to talk about the incident.

"If the two guys had gone into the stall, done their thing and discreetly left it at that, maybe he would have gotten away with it," a source told the newspaper regarding the incident. "But when the clips were posted online it spread around the airline like wildfire. Someone even put together a meme along the lines of this man's career going down the toilet.

"It was such a stupid thing to do - and then to have it posted online, the poor guy must be mortified," the source added.

Though the clips have been taken down from the internet, Delta suspended the employee and is investigating the incident, looking into whether or not there was a breach of the company's standards of behavior. The newspaper reports Delta will speaking to legal officials as part of the investigation in case the videos that were posted online without consent broke revenge porn laws.

"This video does not reflect the standards of professionalism expected of our employees while representing the Delta brand or traveling as passengers on Delta aircraft," a spokesperson for Delta told the Daily Mail. "We have suspended the employee and are conducting a full investigation."


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