Watch: K-Pop Star Wonho Knows You're Super Thirsty for Him

Monday October 11, 2021
Originally published on October 9, 2021

K-pop star Wonho is the latest celeb to stop by BuzzFeed to partake in their classic game of "Thirst Tweets" — a series where stars are forced to read the naughtiest tweets fans and admirers write about them.

Of course, Wonho is no stranger to making fans thirsty. Throughout 2021, the singer has turned heads with a number of leggyk and eye-popping thirst traps he's shared to Instagram.

In BuzzFeed's video, Wonho reads several tweets: "If you run your finger down Woho's abs, it sounds like a xylophone."

"These comments are hilarious," the singer comments.

Another tweet reads: "Wonho's got everything — big ears, big booty, big brain, big thighs, big muscles and the biggest of all — a big heart."

"I agree. The biggest of all is my love for you all," he said.

"I was depressed earlier, but then I looked up pictures of Wonho's butt. I feel better now," reads another tweet. To which Wonho responded: "If you want, I can upload a picture of my butt to Instagram, so you can feel better."

The tweets about his abs and butt didn't stop there. "Wonho's abs are so defined they remind me of freshly baked Hawaiin bread rolls," one tweet read, sparking the singer to lift up his shirt and show off his six pack.

"Wonho's butt belongs in an international museum," reads another tweet.

"All of these are about my butt!" he said.

Wonho's new mini album "Blue Letter" is now streaming.

Check out the full BuzzFeed Thirst Tweets video below.