Alaska [email protected]#k 5000 Goes Filthy Red for New Album & Tour

by Steve Duffy

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday October 15, 2022
Originally published on September 27, 2022

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Alaska Thunderfuck 5000  (Source:Magnus Hastings)

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, the well-traveled, campy extraterrestrial, had auditioned for every season of "RuPaul's Drag Race" before being chosen for the fifth season. She finished second, losing to Jinkx Monsoon. She went on to show her considerable competitive skills on the second season of "RuPaul's Race All-Stars," where she dominated (how could anyone forget her Snatch Game-winning performance of Mae West?) and won the crown. She has also released four studio albums: "Anus," "Poundcake," Vagina," and "Red 4 Filth," which was released last week. (For more information, follow this link).


"Red 4 Filth" finds Alaska continuing to evolve artistically and is an album of addictive pure pop confections harkening back to the '90s and early 2000s à la Britney, Xtina, and TLC. Alaska collaborated with a dream team of songwriters (Jay Stolar, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato), JBACH, Chester Krupa, Skyler Cocco, Jordan Palmer, Andrea Rosario [Aloe Blacc], Jesse Saint John, Nick Laughlin, and Ferras) not many other drag performers have attained thus far. "With this album we were heavily referencing the music that made me who I am, and we talk about love and relationships and friendships in a way that I never have before in my music." said Alaska.

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Alaska Thunderfuck 5000  (Source: Shaun Vandella)

Who could forget her iconic appearance as Mae West on "The Snatch Game," where she sparred with Roxxxy Andrews, whose parody of Alaska was far from iconic.


In addition, last week "DRAG: The Musical," her musical, returned to Los Angeles at The Bourbon Room through October 15. (For more information, follow this link.) Spencer Liff choreographs and directs the cast of Alaska with JuJubee, Jackie Cox, Jan Sport, Joey McIntrye, Nick Adams, Lagoona Bloo, Aria B. Cassadine, and Alysha Deslorieux.


Following "DRAG: The Musical," Alaska sets out on the "Red 4 Filth" Tour to 30 cities around the country. Click here for the schedule.


EDGE spoke to Alaska how drag came to her, what to expect from her new album, and from "DRAG: The Musical," currently in Los Angeles.

Watch Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 perform All That She Wants" from the new album, "Red 4 Filth."


EDGE: For those who may not know, what is your drag name derived from?


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: I'm named after marijuana, which I recently learned is a strain that can only be grown outdoors. It's very earthy, which I love.


EDGE: When did you first discover drag, and what attracted you to it?


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: I was always sort of aware of drag, in an abstract way, ever since I started going to gay clubs. The moment that I discovered it for myself was on my 22nd birthday. I went to a show at The Stud in San Francisco, and it changed my life. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen. It was pretty rough around the edges and a very aggressive, in-your-face kind of show. I was so enthralled and enamored that when I got back to Pittsburgh, I started performing drag.


EDGE: Did you always want to do music, or did "Drag Race" light that spark for you?


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: I was recording music even before I was on "Drag Race." Music was always something I had the intention of doing. I wanted to sing my own music. I actually have songs that came out before drag. I've always been writing and wanting to make music. What has changed for me is that I know have this amazing platform to help share it.

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Alaska Thunderfuck 5000  (Source: Magnus Hastinga)

EDGE: How has your music evolved since your first studio album, "Anus," was released in 2015?


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: I don't know that it's evolved. What changes is the way I look at my music. I like to look at it from different angles, and I like to try new stuff. I like trying new sounds and trying different things with my voice.


EDGE: What can listeners expect from "Red 4 Filth?"


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: It's very much like trying to capture that moment when you got your first CD, or your first cassette tape, and you just lived and breathed music. That was my experience with Ace of Base and No Doubt. That music became a part of me and so this album is very much inspired by the late '90s and early 2000s.


EDGE: Which song are you most excited for your fans to hear?


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: I just did a cover of "All That She Wants" by Ace of Base. I'm obsessed with their music, so being able to do a cover of it is a sick thing.


EDGE: You are about to kick off a 3-month North American tour in October. What's packing like for you?


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: Oh, God, I don't know. I have no idea how to do that. If you have any advice, please let me know. I mean how many pairs of underwear am I am going to need?

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Alaska Thunderfuck 5000  (Source: Magnus Hastings)

EDGE: You first appeared on the 5th season of "RuPaul's Drag Race." How does it feel to watch it grow into what it is today?


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: I'm so lucky I got in on the early days, because I could get away with wearing some nasty drag. Now these queens look so amazing. Their clothes are so great. I showed up with a bag of dirty laundry and still [did] okay on the show.


EDGE: Tell us about your upcoming "DRAG: The Musical show?"


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: The team and the cast are so incredible. The story is about these two rival drag houses that hate each other, and then find themselves in hot water financially and in danger of closing. So, they have no choice but to become friends and team up. It's really funny, and it's really gay.


EDGE: As a drag queen, your life is on the stage, but what are the quiet moments like for you?


Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: I actually have a lot of quiet time the older I get. I always need more if it. My quiet time usually finds me watching "Drag Race Philippines," "Drag Race Canada," or "Drag Race Down Under." I sometimes throw on "Real Housewives" too. I love to unplug and just sit down.


For more information about Alaska visit, visit her website.