Watch: Adult Male Star Makes a First on 'Saturday Night Live'

Monday April 15, 2019

You may have recognized an extra on a "Saturday Night Live" skit this past weekend, and may not quite remember from where.

Though the skit he was appearing in gave the biggest clue.

The skit was called "The Actress" and it featured the show's host Emma Stone as a serious actress hired to appear as the cheated wife in a gay porn video.

In it her character (whom she calls Diedre) leaves her husband with her stepson, only to come home and find them having sex.

The joke was that Stone takes her job very seriously, creating an elaborate backstory for her character to the annoyance of her director and her co-actors, who include adult male star Ty Mitchell as the godson.

Though a relative newcomer to the adult film industry, Mitchell won Best Newcomer last fall at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards. Warning: this link is NSFW.

It was the first time, according to the website Str8UpGayPorn, that a male adult male star appeared on Saturday Night Live. Warning: this link is NSFW.

The scenario — a woman catching her husband having sex with a stepson — is one of the most popular adult male plot memes. How it ended up on SNL has led to speculation as to which writer may be responsible for it. According to a post on Str8UpGayPorn, it might be out staff writer Julio Torres.

Watch the scene below.

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