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Brazilian Woman Killed by Gunman After She Came Out, Ex-Husband Charged

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday July 12, 2021

Ana Paula Campestrini
Ana Paula Campestrini  

A Brazilian woman was brutally slain outside her apartment building after coming out as a lesbian. Her ex-husband has been charged in the crime, which authorities suspect was a killing for hire, Yahoo! News reported.

The victim, Ana Paula Campestrini, "was shot dead when she arrived home in the Brazilian city of Curitiba on June 22," the outlet detailed, adding that the local police chief "believed the crime was motivated by homophobia." Campestrini and her ex-husband, Wagner Cardeal Oganauskas, separated four years ago when she came out as a lesbian. She had a female partner when she was killed.

Police suspect Oganasukas, the owner of a country club, hired a friend named Marcos Antonio Ramon to carry out the murder. Ramon has also been charged.

Banking records indicate that Oganasukas allegedly paid Ramon 38,000 Brazilian real (nearly $10,000) to kill Campestrini, reports Portuguese-language news outlet Paraná Portal.

Oganasukas "did not accept her sexual orientation, in addition to not accepting the division of property and custody of the children," Paraná Portal added.

Security camera footage recorded the moment Campestrini pulled up outside her apartment building in her car and a man on a motorcycle rode up, fired 14 rounds through the car's window, and then drove off. Police suspect it was Ramon on the motorcycle and said additional footage from numerous other cameras showed Ramon leaving his home on the motorcycle, following Campestrini's car, and then returning to his home after the killing.

The couple's three children had lived with Oganauskas since their separation. "According to the police, Wagner made it difficult for Ms Campestrini, who worked as a cleaner and Uber driver, to see her children," Yahoo! News revealed, adding that police said Oganasukas "allegedly spent two months planning the crime and previously stashed drugs in his ex-wife's work car to try to get her in trouble with police."

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