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Watch: Man Arrested After Flashing Gun Outside of Florida Gay Bar

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 28, 2022

Kenneth Justesen
Kenneth Justesen  (Source:screen shot/7 News Miami)

A Florida man was arrested after patrons claimed he was flashing a gun outside of a gay bar in Florida's Wilton Manors neighborhood.

As reported by 7 News Miami, 45-year-old Kenneth Justesen was outside of Gym Bar on Friday night talking to patrons about a lost cellphone. Then things escalated.

"He was cursing and started threatening people that he lost his cellphone and lost whatever he lost," said a patron named Andy, who confronted the man.

According to Andy, Justesen then began threatening a group of women when he stepped in between.

"I just told him, you know, I told him to get away, and then no he brought his attention to me, and then I screamed at him," said Andy.

Justesen reportedly became angry about losing his phone. He started arguing with patrons and then pulled out a gun and began scaring people.

"He started making threats that if he found the person with his phone, he was gonna put a bullet in the back of his head," said witness Anthony Robinson, 7 News Miami reports.

According to a police report, the Justesen had a fully loaded firearm with one round in the chamber. Video footage shows him approaching and heckling people at the bar.

"He started calling him out his name, 'You that, you this,' all these names," Robinson said. "The guy stood up in defense of being called names and that's when the guy with the gun pulled put the gun and held it back, and the other guy just pulled himself back."

Andy added, "I didn't notice he had a gun behind him, because he was trying to make me hit him first. Luckily I was sober, because I was driving. I didn't take his bait. You know, I didn't take his bait because I know better."

Police arrived and put Justesen in handcuffs, and witnesses said a cool response from patrons most likely prevented more chaos.

"He knew that if he egged this guy on, in his mind he had the right to use his gun," said Robinson.

Justesen is facing charges of aggravated assault and improperly displaying a firearm.

No one was reportedly injured during the incident.