British Intelligence Uses Grindr to Track Russian Soldiers

Saturday March 12, 2022
Originally published on March 7, 2022

How can foreign intelligence agencies help Ukrainians to track Russian soldiers?

One way is through social media, specifically the queer-hookup site Grindr, reports the Daily Mail.

British spies are zeroing in on VKontakte, known as VK for short, which is the Russian equivalent of†Facebook as an information source. But an unnamed source told the Daily Mail that "secrets were also shared on dating sites such as Grindr. Putin banned homosexual 'propaganda' in 2013, but the app is still used discreetly, even in the military."

The source added: "These sites were a treasure trove for our spies, and the dating apps in particular — soldiers and those involved in the military effort were particularly unguarded. It meant we were very au fait with the plans and the imminence of the invasion, right down to details such as the movement of blood supplies to the Russian troops."

The British acknowledged they are giving the Ukrainians an unusually high level of access. "We are basically giving them unexpurgated access to our intelligence to help them as best we can, only keeping back details to protect sources and to disguise some of our methods."