Transgender Professor Awarded $1.1 Million in Discrimination Case

by Ryan Lynch

South Florida Gay News

Saturday December 9, 2017

A former University of Oklahoma professor was awarded over $1 million in damages after a jury found she was discriminated against for being transgender.

Rachel Tudor, who is the first openly transgender professor at the university, was granted a chance at tenure in 2009 according to Pink News. But despite being selected, university administration did not give her the tenure and later did not allow her to reapply.

She was fired in 2011 after she was not able to get tenure.

Tudor began working at the university in 2004, before she transitioned in 2007. Following the change, the university's human resources allegedly had set rules for her, including limiting her to one single-occupancy bathroom on campus and deciding what outfits she could wear.

"It was frightening. I had no idea I could lose my job just being who I am," Tudor said in court.

Tudor's claim was granted by title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The law does not specify transgender individuals, but other court decisions have previously used the law.

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