The Clever Way 'Shadowhunters' Actor Luke Baines Came Out

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday July 4, 2022
Originally published on June 28, 2022

 Luke Baines
Luke Baines  (Source:IMDb)

"Shadowhunters" actor Luke Baines came out as having loved numerous sexes over the weekend and marked the occasion with a shadowy profession in celebration of Pride Month.

The actor posted a photo of the message "Fuck, I think I love you," written on some pavement below two shadowy figures holding hands.

He captioned the photo with a simple message, writing: "I've been lucky enough to have been in love twice — the first time with a woman, the second with a man."


"Label that however you like," he continued, "but all I know that... love is love. Happy pride!"

Happy Pride indeed!

The 32-year-old Baines has appeared in films such as "Under the Silver Lake" and "Untitled Horror Movie," but he is best known for playing Jonathan Morgenstern in the final season of the hit Freeform series Shadowhunters.

He did not let it slip who he was in love with now, but something tells us they won't remain in the shadows for long.

A second photo Baines shared shows someone holding a note reading, "You are perfect to me."

Us, too, Baines. And to his "Shadowhunters" co-stars.

"Love you so much, you beautiful person!!!" wrote Tessa Mossey. Sydney Meyer, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Alberto Rosende, and Dom Sherwood also piled on in the love fest for their co-star.

Baines' fans followed suit, with one pointing out that the whole point of celebrities coming out is to tell kids it's OK to be who you are.

"When celebrities publicly come out, they're publicly telling queer kids 'it's okay to be who you are,'" one user wrote. "They're showing queer kids that what their parents think of them is not what the world will think of them and that they're worthy of love."