Watch: Bill Maher Jokes About 'Christian Conservative' Madison Cawthorn's Gayish Scandals

Sunday May 8, 2022

With more and more sensational stories coming out about Madison Cawthorn, Bill Maher took time on his HBO program Friday night to comment on the freshman congressman's troubles. His foes are coming hard after him, having recently released a video of a naked Cawthorn seemingly humping another man's head. This video was leaked after another clip of Cawthorn wearing women's make-up and lingerie.

On "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday night, the humorist got right to the point in a segment devoted to Cawthorn.

"Our new friend Madison Cawthorn is back in the news," Maher says.†"Not sure if you're familiar with this guy, he's kinda new on the scene, very young, under thirty ... Christian conservative ... keeps getting caught doing things that don't exactly seem Christian conservative."†

"The latest revelation came from a group called The video, released by†American Muckrakers PAC, which runs a website called†, has had repercussions among politicians. The deputy defended himself and denied that the scene was a sexual act," reports the website

In a tweet, Cawthorn said that the video was a "new hit" against him.

Maher said of the video: "This week there's a new video of him out naked,†straddling another man's face and thrusting his pelvis into it," Maher continues in the segment on Cawthorn. The Pornhub title was Republican fuckface fucks face."

Salon adds: "Maher then goes into Cawthorn's explanation that he was 'just trying to be funny' and provides examples of other similar 'funny' Cawthorn moments from the recent past."

"Two weeks ago he was caught in ... there's a†picture†of him ... in women's†lingerie. He said he was trying to be funny, it's a joke. Then last week we had the†video†where he was in the car and he's saying 'I wanna feel the passion,' and another guy is grabbing his d**k. Joke. He said it's just a joke. Now we have him skullf**king a guy on tape and, again, 'I'm joking,' There's infinite ways you can create a joke, his is always 'what if I was gay?'"

Amongst Cawthorn's recent scandals is a report that showed a male staffer reaching over and putting his hands on his crotch. That staffer is his 26-year old second cousin Stephen Smith whom Cawthorn has paid $141,000 from taxpayers and campaign donors since 2020, according to congressional and campaign payroll records,|reports North Carolina news outlet WRAL>.

"The documents also show a roughly eight-month period during which the 26-year-old North Carolina congressman paid Stephen Smith, his second cousin, simultaneously from Cawthorn's congressional office and campaign. The payments were addressed to Smith at a Hendersonville address. The address matches that of Cawthorn's, state voter registration records show."

WRAL notes: "U.S. House members are prohibited from hiring immediate family members, such as first cousins. But the requirement doesn't extend to second cousins. Nonetheless, the payments sharpen the focus on the nature of the relationship between Cawthorn and Smith and raise questions from political observers about the perception of family self-dealing."

And Business Insider reports: "These and other recent controversies — yes, there are more — have made Cawthorn a target within his own party ahead of a May 17 primary that could determine his future in Congress, if he has one. And some voters preparing to cast their ballots in North Carolina's 11th congressional district, which covers much of the state's western region, have decidedly mixed feelings about Cawthorn's run for reelection."