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William Chris Wines: A Taste of Texas in Every Bottle

by Roger Porter

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday July 6, 2022
Originally published on June 22, 2022

If you head out west of Austin - into the Texas Hill Country - where lush, green hills roll into the sun-drenched horizon, you'll find a little slice of paradise. Nestled in these rolling hills is Hye, Texas, a town the size of a postage stamp and home to William Chris Vineyards. The wine grower exploded out of the weekend-get-away spot in nearby Fredericksburg for Austinites looking to escape the urban hustle and relax at local bed and breakfasts and take in the countryside. Co-Founded by Chris Brundrett and Bill Blackmon, the winery was created on their shared philosophy that "great wines aren't made, but grown in the vineyard."†

The duo - old friends and allies in the Texas wine industry - reached out to the community to combine resources and over the years have expanded their operations to include an array of distinct brands. Their wine-making philosophy comes through in every step of the process - from harvesting the grapes to aging the wine and even blending and bottling. The completed wine reaches a level of quality the founders are proud to call their best. With a portfolio of the finest brands, William Chris Wine Co. is the leading producer of Texas-grown wines in the Lone Star State.†

Brundrett and Blackmon bring all the goodness of their winemaking ventures into Yes We Can wine, the latest brand in their selection. One of the brand's wines - dubbed Sway Rosé - is the first ever Texas-grown canned rosé. And it's the stuff that summer vacation dreams are made of. Blended from 100% red and white Texas grapes, this rosé is created in a field-blend style, aiming for crisp and crushable, fruity and floral. Hardy and crisp with hints of guava, passionfruit, strawberries and honeysuckle come to life and will cool down even the hottest summer days. It's the perfect refreshment to go with local BBQ favorites, out to dinner with friends and family, and even with your own at-home culinary delights.†

Do you want to know one of the best qualities of Sway Rosé? It goes where you go! When co-creators Chris and Bill set out to revive rosé with Yes We Can wine, they insisted on bottling the deeply pinkpeachy-colored, playful and flirtatious wine in a can. "We focused our efforts on making a high-quality product that tastes great and is in a format that fits Texans' active lifestyles," says Brundrett. "The new generation of consumers care about origin and authenticity when purchasing wine, so it's our pleasure to make a blend of premium wine that can be enjoyed anywhere." But it's not just Texans who can enjoy Sway Rosé. Yes We Can wines (and the William Chris family of brands) ship to 37 states so you can experience Texas in a can no matter where you are in the country. All you have to do is place an order online or find these wines in retailers across the state. In essence, the very best of Texas wine comes to you.†

What is it about Texas wine that makes Sway Rosé and the other brands stand out? It's the distinct location in the foothills of the countryside, rooted in Texas soil that creates a unique flavor profile. "The style [of wine] may be the same but the fruit is on its own," says a winemaker interviewed for a video on the Williams Chris Wines website. "We don't want to change the wine, we want to coax the soulfulness out." And you can only get that in Texas, a land as rich with history and culture as the wine crafted in its vineyards.†

Speaking of the Texas landscape - visitors to Texas shouldn't think twice about visiting William Chris Vineyards in the town of Hye - a quick trip outside of the state capital. With nearby Fredericksburg expanding, Hye is experiencing a renaissance of food and nightlife, music and antiquing. The vibe is equally charming and inviting at the vineyard, a sprawling 26 acre property set against a stunning backdrop of the Texas Hill Country.. that houses the original farmhouse built in 1905, exquisite modern architectural design in the central tasting room, and pavilion and picnic seating area - all surrounded by the active vineyard.†

Guests are welcome to take a tour of the grounds set against a stunning backdrop of the Texas Hill Country, relax with a can of Sway Rosé glass of our latest varietal under the live oak grove, or try one of the vineyard experiences set against a stunning backdrop of the Texas Hill Country. that range from members' tasting room to a picnic lunch for small groups. Be sure to book one of these experiences in advance on the William Chris website. Speaking of members, the vineyard is proud to host the Hye Society Wine Club where members enjoy numerous perks and privileges, including invitation to Release Parties throughout the year. And for a true taste of the live music capital of the world, check out† listings and social media the events page to plan a visit when local artists take to the patio in Hye or a stage in Fredericksburg and even Austin to and perform their latest songs. Let the melodic tunes and refreshing Sway Rosé - the best drink in your hand for just about any live music performance - sweep you away under the biggest and brightest Texas stars.†

If you ask co-founders Chris Brundrett and Bill Blackmon the secret to their wine-making success, they'll say - as it is with Texas wine culture - it's in the ground where the grapes start to grow. It's on this bedrock of values that the team behind William Chris Wines, - and the wide collection of sister brands, - continue to grow their business. They understand the importance of the land and are proud to call it home, which is why they craft every bottle of wine in the William Chris Wine Co. family of brands with the notion that they are "pleased to share a piece of our world." And we are thankful for your generosity - every last drop.

To learn more about William Chris Wines, visit their Instagram page.