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March is a time for rebirth. Nature begins its beautiful renaissance with fresh blooming flowers, abundant sunshine, and annual propagation. It's like a clean slate. Everything gets a second chance. If you have procrastinated on your New Year's health resolutions, springtime might be the time to revisit them, especially if you have been curious about CBD and how it might help you.

Lazarus Naturals is the perfect place to start this organic journey.

Just the mention of the word cannabinoid can make some people uneasy and ask questions. Is it legal? Yes, hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3% THC) are federally legal in all 50 states.

Is CBD intoxicating? No. CBD doesn't affect you as THC might. There are no stupefying or mind-scattering side effects that people associate with THC.

Knowing that, it's helpful to note that Lazarus Naturals products are also very affordable. One of their mottos is "Effective. Not Expensive." So, if you want to explore some holistic options regarding your well-being, now might be the time to start.

If you are intrigued, here's another fact, Lazarus Naturals hemp is all organic and their products virtually go from their farm to your door.
We have picked some of their best-selling CBD products below. As with any new homeopathic health endeavor, if you aren't sure about something ask around and see what others say. Lazarus Naturals has a great support system, and they are always transparent about what they do.

CBD Tincture, 50mg/ml

Ancient alchemists created the first tinctures. Lazarus Naturals hasn't been around that long, but this concentrated mixture follows the same intentions, to target and improve your well-being.

With a mild orange taste, this formula has some of the highest reviews on the website. Many have said after using it, they feel calmer and more relaxed. Some have said it helps them sleep. You can take this product straight from the bottle or add it to a beverage.

Organic CBD Coconut Oil Organic CBD Coconut Oil, 50g or 200g

This is one of the more unique items in the Lazarus Naturals line. With its wonderful tropical aroma and variety of uses, this might become a household staple.

You can use this oil as you would regular coconut oil. Rub it on your sore muscles, add it to a hot beverage or as an oral oil pull.

This is a full spectrum product so there are trace amounts of THC in it, but probably not enough to affect you. This item is so popular that sometimes it sells out. Therefore people buy multiple jars so they never worry about running out.

CBD strawberry lemonade mints, 15mg CBD, 0.5mg THC

Who doesn't like a small refreshing treat throughout the day? These Strawberry Lemonade flavored mints contain 15mg of CBD and 0.5 mg THC and are convenient for microdosers.

Each tin contains 100 pieces of tart, low-sugar chewable tablets. If you are just starting out with CBD you may want to wait on these, but for those who don't, many people on the company website have claimed they have the perfect amount of CBD useful for unwinding or suppressing anxiety throughout the day.

CBD Isolate 5g, 20g, or 50g

This product says everything about it in its name. It's 100% THC-free, meaning the CBD is isolated. It comes in powder form so you can add it to just about anything, including food, massage oils, or your favorite beverage.

For some who are trepidatious about cannabis, this powder might be a great introduction to CBD. It comes in 5mg, 20mg, and 50mg strengths. Obviously, if you're just starting out you might want to start small. This product is also good for people who like to make their own CBD products like gummies or lotions.

Since the new year is well underway, and we may or may not have followed through on our holistic health and well-being resolutions, spring might be the best time to revisit those plans. Many people swear by the healing effects of CBD and how it has helped them with pain management and inner peace. If that is something you want to explore for yourself why not let Lazarus Naturals help you? They are a trusted company with excellent customer reviews and are committed to helping their clients in every step of their journey.

For more information visit the Lazarus Naturals website.

*No claims in this article are to be taken as medical advice.

by Timothy Rawles

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