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Watch: Trailer Drops for Lukas Gage-Starring Netflix Series 'Dead Boy Detectives'

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Never mind "The White Lotus" and its comically-growing body count; Lukas Gage is slated to star alongside George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri, who play spectral sleuths, in Netflix's "Dead Boy Detectives."

Fans have been treated to a new trailer for the upcoming series, which debuts on the streamer April 25.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the series is "based on the Vertigo comics by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner first published in the 1990s and early aughts," and relays that Rexstrew and Revri play the parts of "Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland, best friends – and ghosts – who help solve paranormal cases in the mortal realm."

Gage is slated to play Cat King, a character described by the show's Fandom page as "a charming trickster and itinerant cat spirit, who takes a keen interest in Edwin."

"The eclectic composition of characters, based on the beloved comics by Neil Gaiman and brought to life by Co-Showrunners Steve Yockey ('The Flight Attendant,' 'Supernatural') and Beth Schwartz ('Sweet Tooth,' 'Arrow'), provide the series with fun, whimsy, humor, and fantastical horror that all come together in perfectly imperfect harmony," Netflix announced in a release that introduced the new trailer.

"Max first ordered the show to series in 2022," THR detailed, "but when Warner Bros. Discovery reorganized its DC Universe under James Gunn and Peter Safran, 'Dead Boy Detectives' was dropped."

Enter Netflix, which "claimed it in early 2023, where it will now live alongside 'The Sandman,' a 2022 adaptation of Gaiman's comic also part of the Vertigo series."

The two shows will share a little connective tissue in the character of Death, played in both shows by mononymic English actor Kirby ("Killing Eve," "The Good Place"). Her shadow looms large over the show, since the two gumshoes from beyond can only keep their investigations going for as long as Death doesn't pluck them off this mortal coil and send them back to the other side.

Netflix writes, "Try not to fall in love with our dead boy detectives and their crew in this trailer as they solve mystifying paranormal cases to the tune of a wonderfully nostalgic rendition of My Chemical Romance's anthemic ode to the afterlife, 'Welcome to the Black Parade'."

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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