InstaQueer Roundup: Our Favorite Thirst Traps from the Week, May 5

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 2 MIN.

Queer actor Rowan Blanchard, who starred in "Girls Meets World", captioned this post "big brains" which she has, but the focus is on her boobs right now. Our favorite comments on this thirst trap read "when i watched girl meets world i never imagined riley would end up serving this hard" and "Girl EATS world fr." Tommy Dorfman simply commented "dying" to which we say... exactly.

Photographer Griffin Lipson shared these photos which he took of "The Gilded Age" actor Morgan Spector wearing (and getting dressed into) Ralph Lauren Fall '24.

When bisexual singer-songwriter Kali Uchis posted this picture because she "felt like the look deserved its own post since it made me feel so mami" (complete with milk emojis), she was so real. This photo is serving "Mommy, sorry –Mommy. Sorry! Mommy!"

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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