Flips, Follows, and Pride: Why Out Gymnast Samuel Phillips is Your Next Instagram Obsession

Shawn Laib READ TIME: 4 MIN.

Phillips gives a look into his practice sessions with a variety of flips, jumps, and stunts that he calls "squeezing the lemon." He isn't shy about giving fans behind-the-scenes looks at his capabilities and process as a college athlete.

Phillips is a man of many talents, showing off his ability to cook in the kitchen. He's advertising a video on YouTube where fans can see what the athlete prepares for lunch and dinner so he can always be nourished and ready for his next big event in the gym.

Phillips shows off his unreal flexibility and athleticism in this slow-motion replay of one of his gymnastics stunts. Fans thought he would be capable of a triple-double maneuver while others simply couldn't believe the coordination and skill of the athletes in gymnastics. Phillips being so good at his sport helps prove that LGBTQ+ athletes should only be judged on their ability on the mat.

Who doesn't love a little Halloween fun during October? Phillips dressed up in his best "Magic Mike"-inspired outfit that showed off his physique, and fans said he ate up the look and left no crumbs!

Phillips proudly bears the responsibility of representing himself and other queer athletes at the B1GTen LGBTQ Symposium in June 2023. He talks in the caption about how Pride and openness should extend beyond just sexual orientation. People who belong to any group that is deemed "untraditional" should know they are loved and valued no matter what bigotry or hate exudes around them.

Phillips looks just as sweltering and sexy in a swimsuit as in his wrestling outfit. Fans were extra-thirsty for the young athlete as he showed off some up-close pics in his trunks.

Phillips gives his fans an inside look at all of the fun and excitement he experienced on the University of Nebraska campus. From Saturday football games to a trip to New York, Phillips had a fulfilling college experience while inspiring others around the world.

Phillips describes the liberating feeling of being out as he begins another wrestling season. With both a vibrant rainbow Pride flag and a bisexual flag, Phillips encompasses both of his queer identities and shows his fans how both of these labels fit his sexual identity. With so much bisexual erasure in America, the bisexual flag being included is awesome!

Phillips celebrates several members of his wrestling team being named All-American. For those unfamiliar with college sports accolades, this honor signifies that the winner is one of the best in the country at what they do. It's vital for young sports fans to see that queer men like Phillips can win the same trophies their straight counterparts do. Seeing the entire team happy together means Phillips' peers are embracing him for his true self.

by Shawn Laib

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