Get to Know LGBTQ+ Social Media Star Matt Bernstein (@mattxiv)

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Bernstein also posts hilarious tweets about random topics - even jelly beans! The influencer jokes about the disgusting flavors Jelly Belly sells that look exactly like their delicious counterparts, such as barf and lawn clippings resembling peach and lime.

Bernstein posts a beautiful selfie with his father to celebrate supportive dads who don't judge their LGBTQ+ children. He says that men shouldn't become parents if they can't accept that someday that child might be gay, trans, or another sexual or gender minority. Parents are supposed to love their kids no matter what.

Bernstein calls out the tabloid news sources for framing actor Jeremy Allen White in a poor light because he's a former drug addict and chain smoker. Bernstein says it is a massive problem in society for publications and media to discuss addiction as a moral failing rather than as a disease that needs medical attention. Because so many LGBTQ+ people get caught up in substance abuse problems, it's vital to dispel these stigmas against folks who overcome these illnesses.

Bernstein took a moment on World AIDS Day to celebrate the queer people who never got the chance to see their older years due to perishing from the disease. While there are accessible medications and treatments for HIV and AIDS in 2024, the U.S. government largely ignored the pandemic at its peak in the 1980s and 1990s, due to strong homophobia towards the victims of the virus. Bernstein reminds people that the LGBTQ+ movement has always existed, but the death of so many gay people from HIV in past decades makes it seem like there weren't any queer people then.

Bernstein went into the vault for a look at the history of the trans surgeries and how the public used to react to them. The first trans operation took place in 1953, when Christine Jorgensen underwent a sex change to become one of the first trans women to gain notoriety and celebrity status. Bernstein argues that the current generation of transphobic rhetoric comes from politicians and officials who try to obtain power through hatred.

Bernstein responds to haters on Twitter by posting his new nail paint to the tune of 48,000 likes. Bernstein often tries to fight back against people who discriminate against feminine gay men or gay men who like to dress or accessorize in non-masculine ways.

Since coming out as trans in 2015, Caitlyn Jenner has been a controversial figure in the community, often spewing anti-trans rhetoric. Bernstein humorously asked on Twitter whether Jenner even remembers she is trans after yet another ignorant post about Trans Day of Visibility in March 2024.

Bernstein litters the timeline with a brilliant set of statistics concerning people who regret specific surgeries compared to those who regret gender-affirming surgeries. Anti-trans activists often shout that young people who experience gender-affirming operations will go on to regret the medical care, but the rate for such cases is only one percent.

by Shawn Laib

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