13 IG Posts to Get to Know Queer British Influencer James Barr

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Barr discusses the purpose of Grindr amongst gay men, and whether the app can be used for more than just hookups. He talks about how it should be utilized as an app to build community and connections amongst gays, but people in the comments say that sex will always be the first thing that comes to mind when folks log into Grindr.

Barr argues his solution to the trans people in sports discussion could be to separate athletes by body type instead of gender. There are several arguments on both sides of the equation. Barr says men were gatekeeping sports in the first place, forcing women into their own leagues. Others in the comments counter-argue that men are biologically different and have advantages over women in the same sports.

Barr shows off his best thirst trap in a rare post unrelated to politics or social issues. Barr stays in great shape, and has a smile that lights up the room!

Barr infuses a discussion on looking at celebrity nude pictures with plenty of humor and his signature satire. He never shies away from taboo topics or trending news!

Barr reveals his status as a Pikachu fan with a cute picture next to Nintendo's iconic Pokemon.

Barr provides a snippet of his standup routine. He feeds into the stereotypes about his "woke" comedy and name-drops Piers Morgan for good measure! Barr's wit and versatility are on full display on the comedy stage.

Barr interviews pop sensation Dua Lipa on his radio show, specifically focusing on her newest hit, "Houdini." Barr does a good job of letting his guests speak while interjecting just the right amount of comedy into the conversation.

Barr enjoys some time in the sun with a nice boat ride in September 2023. His purple and pink nail polish accompanies his bright shorts to create an upbeat vibe perfect for the summer.

Barr celebrates Pride at a June parade and gives some anecdotes about how he discovered his sexuality from a young age. Confusing platonic friendship for gay attraction can be confusing for queer youth, but Barr talks about how these feelings are all part of LGBTQ+ folks realizing they were born exactly the way they were meant to be.

Barr shares an honest and heartfelt post about his dad on Father's Day. While it took his father a little bit to erase his past feelings toward gay people, Barr encourages fans to be patient with parents who may not accept their children right away. Great advice, certainly, for those struggling to decide whether to come out to their families!

by Shawn Laib

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